Coastal Music 101

Piano Lessons, Vocal Coaching & live soul jazz on the Central Oregon Coast

Piano and voice lessons in Newport and Lincoln City Oregon as well as live soul jazz music performances by Matt & Amy White.

365 Days of Coastal Music Adventures

I can hardly believe that it has almost been 12 full months, 4 seasons and 365 days since Matt and I moved from Denver Co. to the coastal village of Neskowin Oregon!  This year has been full of so many wonderful surprises, experiences, people and places that I wouldn’t have imagined 365 days before.  Matt and I have met incredible musicians, educators, students, venue owners, audiences and fellow adventurers along our paths this year.  Our lives have been filled with opportunities teaching and mentoring young musicians at Taft High School, Career Tech High School, The Neskowin Valley School, St. James Santiago School, Neighbors For Kids and in our own private music studios in Neskowin and Newport.  We have played for audiences from Manzanita to Florence, enjoyed ocean views from our performance space in places like The Mist in Lincoln City, gotten to eat some of the best food on the coast thanks Pacific Restaurant in Tillamook, visit amazing resorts, looking at you Salishan, try our luck on the slots at Three Rivers Casino and we’ve gotten to meet locals and tourists alike who have become our friends while trying all the beer at Black Squid Beerhouse.  This year has not been boring to say the least!  I feel so thrilled, blessed and thankful to get to spend my time doing what I love playing and teaching music in a place that leaves me awestruck by simply taking my daily commute.  Cheers to the first 365 on the central Oregon coast, I’m so excited for all that comes next!

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