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Playing Piano Shouldn't Be Lonely

The life of a piano student can oftentimes seem lonely as they are frequently working, practicing, and studying on their own.  While working on one's own can create a great source of personal achievement and certainly has merit there is also so much to be gained from working with others.  Take for example the drummer who perfects their individual part and then joins together with a rhythm section, the sound they can now create is so much more than anything they would have produced on their own.  Collaboration and working with others encourages growth by making the musician further improve their own skills and recognize and appreciate the talents of those around them.  How much better is a world where we not only try to do our best but really recognize how awesome and interesting the people around us are?

My goal as a piano teacher this month is to encourage my students to play music with others,  collaborating between students and collaborating with other musicians outside of the studio.  I’m encouraging all of my students to find and rehearse with a duet or trio partners, people with whom they can play music and be encouraged and encouraging to continue their mutual pursuit of musical growth.  I’m convinced that practicing the piano needn't be a lonely pursuit and I'm excited to see what friendships will be formed and goals reached when pianists collaborate with their peers and experience the joy of making music together.  


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