Coastal Music 101

Piano Lessons, Vocal Coaching & live soul jazz on the Central Oregon Coast

Piano and voice lessons in Newport and Lincoln City Oregon as well as live soul jazz music performances by Matt & Amy White.


Earlier this week I had the chance to hear the Bend Mastersingers perform Mozart’s Requiem at the Sun River Music Festival in Bend.  I was blown away by the artistry and energy that the group as well as the festival orchestra brought to the stage.  The strength of combined voices when unified in shared purpose and intention contains so much power and beauty.  The teamwork and shared passion that the ensemble displayed while onstage was beautiful.  Singing and music making in groups is such a powerful way to connect with our community, each other and express something so much larger than we could individually. 

A day before I headed to Bend I had the opportunity to meet with some of the wonderful singers from the Newport Central Coast Chorale and I could tell that they just like the Bend Mastersingers shared the same sense of camaraderie and shared musical vision.  I’m very excited to join as a member of the Central Coast Chorale this fall and raise my voice along with theirs in songs of unity and beauty.  Creating community, collaborating as a team, experiencing the power of combined voices and fostering shared respect for one another despite any perceived differences is part of the reason I love singing in choirs.  I’m honored to get to share in the music making process and community of the Central Coast Chorale. 


To Singing! 

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